Craft Retreats 2023

After an overwhelming response to the my printmaking holidays in 2022, I have decided to run another two holidays in Portugal this year in 2023. These craft retreats will take place in the spring and autumn. Partners may also come along even if they would prefer not to take part in the printmaking sessions. Each week at the craft printmaking retreat is available for 8 people.

craft retreats Portugal 2023

The craft retreats are all about having fun creatively and learning or improving the craft of printmaking in a relaxed, calm warm environment. All the printmaking workshops take place outside under a veranda that surrounds one side of the main house, which is a short walk from all of the accommodation. While the workshops take place you can enjoy the endless sounds of birdsong and the sound of the wind blowing in the trees that surround the beautiful gardens at the Quinta.

craft retreat Portugal

Printmaking will include dry point etchinglinocutmono printing and cyanotype. Please take a look at these techniques in more detail on my website. The workshops will be arranged for each day to meet everyone’s requirements. The garden at the Quinta is great inspiration for drawing. A sketch book is an essential requirement for the holiday.

printmaking in Portugal in 2023

It will be a lovely week of creativity and getting away from it all in Portugal! Please get in touch if you would like to join me or need more information.

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