Printmaking Techniques

printmaking techniques

I use a number of different printmaking techniques and processes throughout my work. Some of the techniques I use in my home studio. To use other techniques, however, I often have to visit printmaking studios with specialist equipment that might be needed.

Screen Printing

Acid Etching

Linocut Printing

Drypoint Etching


Click the links below to find out a little more about each of the techniques that I use in my work.  There is a step by step explanation as well as links to samples of my work that have been created that way.

I run regular printmaking workshops where you can come to try some of these processes for yourself. These workshops are always relaxed and fun to attend and you will surprise yourself what can be achieved.

I regularly schedule group workshops. I can also run individual one to one workshops as well as workshops for schools and colleges or other bespoke groups. My workshops cover linocut printing, drypoint etching, monoprinting and screen printing techniques. I also run rather special art retreats where you can learn or improve your printmaking on holiday abroad with lovely scenery, food and company. Do you know that printmaking is good for you?

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