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affordable wall art

This is the place where my affordable wall art becomes even cheaper! All my prints are original prints. They are all hand printed. This means that no two are ever exactly the same. I print in small volumes usually with very small limited editions. Occasionally my prints don’t turn out exactly how I want them. They might have a slight speck or mark where there shouldn’t be one or the colour might not be exactly the one I was aiming for.

If these prints do not turn out exactly as I want them I never sell them at full price. They are, however, far too good to scrap. This is why from time to time I participate in events such as ‘Super Seconds Festival‘. I list these very affordable wall art prints in here at highly discounted prices.

Numbers are limited so it is first come first serve. If you want to be kept informed each time I run this great promotion please join my mailing list. Subscribers will get plenty of notice as well as access to all work ahead of the general public.

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