Pigeon Art

pigeon art framed wall decor prints for owners and lovers

I have always found pigeons very entertaining. I love to watch the way they walk, how they move their heads in short fast bursts. How they interact with each other and with people. When I was asked by the organisers to exhibit at Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley, several years back, I was asked to do a commission of my choosing but which was personal to the old mill which is now a popular arts and events centre. Whilst other exhibitors focused on the building, its history, the people and the materials it once produced, in true Lucy Gell fashion I focused on the pigeons that now call the rafters of the old mill their home. That first print became the beginning of my pigeon art collection and still hangs in the mill.

All images in my pigeon art collection are original prints forming limited editions. They are printed on high quality paper with fade resistant inks. Most are available framed or unframed. All prints come with FREE UK delivery and can be shipped worldwide.

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