Border Collie Art

border collie art affordable dog wall decor prints framed and unframed

Border collies are a British breed of herding dog. They have been said to be the most intelligent breed of dog and perhaps the most faithful. Living on the edge of the Peak District here they are a regular sight and can be seen working in the fields as well as competing in frequent sheep dog trials and country shows in the area. They can be fascinating to watch. Living where I do I couldn’t not add this amazing dogs to my collection of screen prints and etchings could I?

All border collie art prints are guaranteed to make you smile. They are affordable, fun and humourous. All my work is carefully handprinted by myself creating unique original prints. I use nothing but high quality archival paper and fade resistant inks and paints. Prints are available framed or unframed and available with ‘free delivery’ in the UK. I also ship worldwide.

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