Fawn Whippet ‘Sitting Pretty’ Linocut Art Print

Original limited edition sitting fawn whippet linocut print


This fawn whippet wall art was inspired by my own beloved grey (blue) whippet Betsy. The linocut print captures the look of many sight hounds such as greyhounds, whippets and lurchers, sitting pretty listening attentively for the slightest noise to signal that food or a walk might be happening soon. The print tries to capture the characteristic grace and alertness of these breeds. I have also repeated this image in grey like my Betsy.

Part of my whippet art prints, dog art prints, whippet gift ideas and gifts for dog lovers collections. This linocut print is a testament to the enduring appeal of sighthounds. Whether displayed in a home, office, or given as a gift, this artwork serves as a cherished tribute to the special bond shared between humans and their canine companions.

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