‘Standing Whippet’ Portrait Etching Print

Medium sized limited edition original whippet portrait acid etching print


I love my blue whippet Betsy (who is really grey despite being called a 'Blue Whippet') and I love to capture her postures and expressions. I love this type of expression when she sees or hears something in the distance such as a rabbit, squirrel or another dog perhaps. She points her ears in the direction of the sound as she stands to attention deciding what her next move should be and whether she is likely to get away with it! Betsy inspired this whippet portrait acid etching which can also be purchased both framed or as a print only.

This print is part of my whippet art, dog art prints, whippet gift ideas and gifts for dog lovers collections. It celebrates the unique bond between humans and their canine companions. It invites viewers to connect with the joy and affection that dogs bring into our lives. Whether displayed in a home, office, or given as a gift, this artwork serves as a timeless tribute to the special bond shared between pet and owner.

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