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Thank you for stocking Lucy Gell products. This page is designed to keep you informed of trade ordering details. It will tell you what products you can expect to order from me, what discounts are available and what restrictions there are in order to obtain those discounts. There is also a detailed explanation of how to place your order.

Please read these details carefully before placing your trade order otherwise your discounts may not be applied correctly, or your order could be rejected if it does not follow my trade guidelines.

Trade Ordering Overview

Stockists can place orders directly on my website in the same area as customers. As a stockist you can order any product that a public customer can order, however certain quantity limits may apply as detailed below. Trade discounts will vary depending on the product category ordered as detailed below. Stockist are only allowed to order ‘Single Item‘ product variants. They cannot order multipacks or product variants that offer other discounts such as 2 card pack, 3 card pack etc. To order more than 1 item simply use the quantity field to state how many items of each product are required and select ‘single item‘ where appropriate in the dropdown box.

In order for your product to qualify for stockist discount you must reach the minimum order value before applying your discounts or discounts will not be applied.

Minimum Order Value

In order to accept an order and apply stockist discounts your order must reach a minimum order value of £300 RRP. This does not mean the order will cost you £300 it means the retail value of the order is £300. If you purely purchase reprinted cards, for example, with a 50% stockist discount your actual minimum order value would therefore be £150!

What You Can Order

You can order anything that you see on my website with the exception of work detailed in my ‘excluded products and variants’ below. Different products, however, will generate different discounts so please choose products carefully otherwise products may be charged at full price or a lower discount than expected.

What Products Get What Discounts

Different product will attract different discounts according to the table below. I appreciate that some stockists might be looking for a 50% discount across everything, however, I cannot offer that on all products, particularly hand printed products. Most of my handprinted products will, however, still sell slightly above my RRP in galleries and prestiguous outlets which may allow you to increase margin on these.


Product TypeStockist DiscountQty Limit
Standard Greeting Cards50%Unlimited
Lapel Pin Badges50%Unlimited
Hand Printed Cards40%Unlimited
3D Bird Cards40%15 Birds
Popup Cards40%Unlimited
Unframed Prints40%Only 1 of each design per order

Excluded Products

I am not currently offering framed work to stockists. If you require framed work you will be expected to purchase the prints and frame them locally yourself. Stockist should also refrain from ordering multipacks, or product variants that offer discounts for 2 or more items as your supplier discounts is calculated based on standard single item RRP. If you place an order for any of these your order may be cancelled and will need to be placed again without these excluded items.

How To Order

To order product at trade prices simply click on each of the links above to access the product categories that you wish to order. I recommend that you sort the products listed into ‘Popularity’ order so that you can see the products that are most popular on my website as these products are likely to sell well. You can also use the filter features on the left side of the screen to filter based on budget as well as subject matter. Pay attention to star ratings and do read some of the reviews from customers.

trade shop page

Click on the product that you wish to order. Select the variant required (usually ‘single’ item or a colour choice) and then enter the quantity required in the QTY box before adding your your basket.

trade product ordering

As you add items to your basket keep an eye on the total order value and ensure that it reaches the minimum order value above.

trade shopping basket

Once you have added all your items add the relevant coupon codes below to the coupon box and press ‘Apply Coupon‘ and your stockist discount should appear in the basket area.

TRADE50CARDSPINSUse this to obtain 50% discount on cards and lapel pin badges
TRADE40HANDCARDSUse this coupon to obtain 40% discount on handmade cards
TRADE40PRINTSUse this code to obtain 40% discount on prints


trade order totals

Completing Your Order

Before you complete your order please make sure that you have reached the minimum order requirements and that your discounts have been calculated correctly. From your shopping basked click ‘proceed to checkout‘.

First Order

If this is your first order on my website simply enter your billing (and shipping if different) details. At the bottom of the screen be sure to click ‘Create Account‘. This will create an account for you so that you don’t have to reenter all those details on subsequent orders and will allow you access to your order history in the ‘Account‘ area of my website.

Subsequent Orders

Simply enter your email address and password to login if requested and your billing details will appear. If you forget your password simply click ‘forgotten password‘ and a link to reset it will be emailed to you. You can also opt to allow your browser to remember your login details permanently.

trade order checkout

Paying For Your Order

Once you have completed your billing details and shipping details please select your payment method at the bottom of the screen. As a stockist you fully understand that credit and debit card payments incur additional cost, therefore, in order to be able to give you maximum stockist discount I must insist that you ONLY CHOOSE DIRECT BANK TRANSFER payment method. Once you choose this my bank details will appear on the screen and will also be emailed to you once you complete the order.

place stockist order

Delivery Dates

Please note that expected delivery dates shown during the ordering process are for small direct customer orders only. These do not apply to trade orders. Trade orders will typically take 3-4 weeks from placing your order during to largerer quantities involved and restocking that may be necessary. Please contact me if you need an order delivery update.

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