Certificate Of Authenticity

certificate of authenticity

I supply all of my original prints with a certificate of authenticity. This small certificate is slipped in with prints or fixed to the back of framed work. The certificate is proof of ownership and includes the name of the work, the edition size and the edition number. I also sign it.

Printed By Hand

The certificate confirms that the artwork has been created by hand using skilled printmaking techniques. In addition I sign and edition all work sold in the corner of the work itself. Original work like this that is printed by hand is truly unique. It is sure to make an extra special gift for that special person. No two prints are the same because of the processes used to create them. Because of limited editioning your certificate of authenticity proves that your print is one of a very small number of similar prints out there.

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Visit my art portfolio to see a selection of my original animal art. You can also visit my online shop to see all of my original work. You will also find work which has been transferred onto other media such as art greeting cards and lapel pins.

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