Tabby Cat Art

tabby cat art

Tabby cats are generally known for being affectionate, friendly, curious and intelligent. They are often social, playful and adventurous. Tabby cats can sometimes be mistaken as being lazy when they are sleeping a lot but that is not my experience. They tend to sleep when they have been busy which we often don’t see especially if it happens at night! One of my first successful striped tabby cat art prints was creatively named ‘Cat’! My previous career in animation helped me to develop a likeable cheeky rogue for this character and it inspired a few further images. It has been very popular!

All my stripey tabby cat art prints are original prints. Most are part of limited edition collections with the odd open edition more affordable print included too. They are all printed on high quality acid free paper using professional fade resistant inks so that they are there to enjoy for years to come. You can order most prints framed or print only using the drop down option beside each print. All prints are guaranteed to make you smile as you would expect from one of my original prints. All prints of course also come with FREE UK delivery and can be shipped worldwide.

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