Tortoiseshell Cat Art

Tortoiseshell cat art

I am drawn to tortoiseshell cats and have several of my own. The cats are often known for their personalities which can be as unique as their colouring. One of my tortoiseshell cats, called Tilda, is able to open any door in our house by simply jumping up at the handle and clinging on until her body weight opens the door so that she can continue along her journey. It can be very comical to watch and her gift is quite unique. Tilda and my other tortoiseshell cats inspired this collection of Tortoiseshell cat art.

Whether displayed in the home, office or given as a gift my collection of Tortoiseshell cat art prints are sure to delight admirers and fellow cat lovers alike. These original prints are carefully hand printed. I use high quality archival paper and fade resistant inks and paints. Prints are available framed or unframed and available with ‘FREE delivery’ in the UK. I also ship all my cat art worldwide.

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