Linocut Printmaking

linocut printing carving

I create linocut prints myself and teach students how to create them in my printmaking workshops. My linocut printmaking process starts with a small piece of lino which I cut to size. The lino has a green smooth surface on the side that I am going to print from. I then have a number of tools similar to the two here in various sizes that I use to carve the lino surface so that the only remaining surface is what I want to print as the surface which remains is what will press the ink to the paper.

For this image I have decided to break the image down into 2 different colours – grey and black. I have cut two different images one for each colour. This plate is for the areas where I wish to print in grey.

linocut printing inking up

Once I have carved my plates making sure that I have registered them precisely so that they will line up correctly in the final image I spread some of my ink onto a perspex plate so that I can ink up my roller. Here I have inked up the roller in grey ink and then I have rolled the roller over the lino plate multiple times so that the grey remaining lino surface is now covered in grey ink ready for printing.

linocut printmaking

Once I have inked my plate I place it face down on top of the paper that I am printing onto in my printing press then I close the press to ensure a firm even pressure across the plate.

If there are multiple colours as in this print I will remove the first plate then carefully position the second inked plate ensuring that the image lines up perfectly before running it through the press too.

All being well I will end up with a perfect linocut print like Standing Proud here.

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