Whippet Art Prints

whippet art wall prints framed artwork

My first canine companion was a whippet and ever since I have been illustrating images of whippets for my whippet art prints collection. They are so much fun to draw and are the perfect dog subject for many of my original etchings and screen prints. A long dog, 35 mph couch potato speed machine. They are so great to illustrate and so lovely to own. My collection includes not only blue whippets but also fawn, white and brindle whippets both with and without their jumpers!

My collection of whippet art prints celebrates the unique charm and personality of whippets. I love capturing their elegance, speed and endearing quirks. Whether displayed in the home, office or given as a gift they are sure to delight admirers and fellow dog lovers alike. These original prints are carefully hand printed. I use high quality archival paper and fade resistant inks and paints. Prints are available framed or unframed and available with ‘FREE delivery’ in the UK. I also ship my whippet art worldwide.

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